'Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
In all your ways acknowledge Him;
and He will direct your paths.'
Proverbs 3:5-6

St Mary's Anglican Church, Appledore

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50p Piece

Early one Sunday morning, a little boy left his house walking to church. He was particularly excited because his mother had given him two 50p pieces. "One is for you to give to the church. After church, you may call at the sweet shop and buy yourself something with the other 50p."

The little boy was so happy he began to skip. He skipped so hard that one of the 50p pieces jumped out of his pocket and began rolling down the road.

He chased the 50p, but couldn't catch it. It rolled between the bars of a kerbside drain and went 'clunk' to the bottom of the drain. 

The little boy peered into darkness and could see the glinting coin far below. 

Then he looked upwards toward heaven and exclaimed with sincere pity, "Oh Lord, there goes your 50p!" 

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